Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

Whether you have just seen mold within your walls or noticed a large pool of water in your basement, your immediate thought might be about the world of problems that the issue brings to the table. 

The worrisome part? You are not wrong in being stressed about it. 

Water damage and flooding can harm your property in a way that not many problems do. From causing visual damage to paint and floors to creating functional issues in your foundation and electrical fixtures, it creates a myriad of challenges for any property owner. But that’s not all. It can also cause you to experience health issues by creating mold in your property. 

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we offer reliable and effective water damage restoration in Colorado Springs, CO, which can help you mitigate and restore the damage caused by water leakages or flooding. 

With over 30 years of experience in restoring homes and offices from extensive water damage, our highly qualified professionals are well-equipped to handle challenging situations at a moment’s notice. This is why we deploy our services at a single call, regardless of the hour of the day. Our 24/7 services ensure that we offer effective restoration solutions and deliver them when you need them the most. 

Water Damage and Flood Recovery

Water damage and flooding takes place when water gathers in an area on your property. 

When water seeps into your walls, drywalls, floors, carpet, or cabinets, it can cause visual as well as functional harm. This damage isn’t minimal, either. With over time exposure, water damage can massively weaken the affected area of your property. This could cause you to foot the bill for extensive repairs and replacements and destroy sentimental value in the property that leads to irreversible loss. 

Flooding is a part of water damage, but unlike moisture within the walls or floors, it is visible from the get-go. Flooding can take place when water escapes onto your floor with minimal to no way to flow out. This immediately attacks your flooring, but can also cause visible damage to your walls, fixtures, and furnishings. When not addressed immediately, flooding may also cause water to seep into your foundation, which may create a world of issues for you to deal with. 

There are various causes behind water damage and flooding, the most common of which include: 

  • Leaking water fixtures. 
  • Faulty plumbing. 
  • Malfunctioning home appliances.
  • Weather conditions. 
  • Roof leakage. 
  • Gutter leakage. 
  • Downspout leakage. 
  • Clogged drains.
  • Clogged toilets.

Flooding often goes hand in hand with water damage and occurs when water pools onto your floor or in your basement. It creates extensive water damage and requires detailed water extraction before the underlying issue can be repaired. 

But whatever the issue might be, the fact remains that water damage can bring extensive harm to your property. This is why you should immediately call for water damage restoration in Colorado Springs if you notice buildup moisture or flooding in any part of your home. 

Otherwise, it could cause issues that include but are not limited to:

  • Mold.
  • Peeled paint. 
  • Weakened drywall. 
  • Stained flooring. 
  • Weakened flooring. 
  • Malfunctioning electric fixtures.
  • Faulty home appliances.
  • Damaged cabinets.
  • Damaged furniture. 
  • Weakened foundation.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Resolving water damage and restoring your property to its original state is not just about cleaning excess water or painting affected walls. Proper restoration involves a holistic approach to the problem and all the related factors that it brings to the table. 

For instance, while a few cases of water damage are only limited to the walls, others also extend to your floor. If the damage is in a room with primarily wooden work, such as your kitchen, it could also affect your cabinets or cupboards. To restore your property to its former state, each of these scenarios requires a precise and focused approach.

This is why ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs Springs restoration experts follow an established yet dynamic standard operating process (SOP). This ensures that we are practicing a tried-and-tested approach for your property while also having the flexibility to add more steps to make it sound as new. This is one of the primary reasons we have become known for delivering ideal water damage restoration in Colorado Springs.

With that being said, we make sure to follow the general outline of the following steps and customize the approach further, depending upon the type and extent of damage that you are facing. 

  • Performing water mitigation. Our process begins with water mitigation to lower the extent of the damage. This includes cleaning and drying the damaged fixtures and area before we fix the problem.
  • Finding out the root of the problem. We analyze what has triggered the issue and if there is more than one cause to the water damage.
  • Resolving the issue on a permanent basis. We fix the underlying issue to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Assessing the damage. In addition to taking a first look at the damage, we make a thorough inspection to ensure we know the exact extent of the required restoration efforts.
  • Reversing the damage. We actively restore and repair your property and fixtures that have been affected by the water damage. This includes but is not limited to restoration work on drywall, paint, flooring, ceiling, and foundation.

By following this approach, we ensure that we have followed all the essential steps of a proper restoration job. 

As mentioned above, this is just a surface-level view of the process. Since each of these steps brings its intricacies to the table, we expand our approach depending upon the level of damage on your property and its required restoration. 

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At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we take pride in performing highly detailed and reliable restorations on properties of all types and sizes. With our expansive and qualified team, attention to customer experience, and focus on affordable services, our solutions stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Whether you suspect minimal water damage in your home or need immediate help with extensive flood recovery, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection today. We will be pleased to understand your needs and deploy our restoration solutions to your property right away.