Vandalism Cleanup

Vandalism Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Regardless of the type of property you have, the possibility of vandalism lingers like the sword of damocles. When such an instance does take place, its cleanup and restoration can be a harrowing experience. 

From graffiti to breakage, vandals can use a lot of ways to harm your property. But regardless of the type of damage they inflict, undoing it is nothing short of a frustrating process. 

It is frustrating because vandalism can range from insensitive drawings to significant destruction. If the vandals spray paint your exterior walls, it can take hours to take down the graffiti. And if the vandalism attempt involves breakage, it can take a lot of effort to restore your windows or doors to their former state.

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we understand the hardships that come with dealing with vandalism. We offer affordable yet timely vandalism cleanup in Colorado Springs for residential and commercial properties alike. 

With over 20 years of experience, our highly qualified technicians hold the expertise to perform intensive cleanup and restorations at a moment’s notice. This is why we make sure to provide 24/7 services to meet your urgent needs. 

Whether you need our solutions immediately or want to schedule a cleanup at your convenience, our services are just a call away.

Types Of Vandalism Cleanup We Offer

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions that enable you to benefit from a variety of vandalism cleanup and restoration services. No matter the type and extent of damage involved, our highly qualified technicians can remove it efficiently and restore your property to its former state. 

The type of vandalism attempts that we clean up include but are not limited to the following. 

Graffiti Cleanup and Restoration

By using different types of paints and materials, vandals can leave messages or illustrations that show no respect for your property. This damage isn’t limited to walls, and can also be shown on windows and doors. The paint can be hard to remove and typically doesn’t go away without using industrial grade products.

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, our highly skilled professionals use targeted techniques and commercial equipment to help you remove graffiti from your property. We ensure to not only clean up the affected site, but also restore it to its original state. This makes us a primary provider for vandalism cleanup in Colorado Springs.

Window or Door Breakage Cleanup and Restoration

Another common type of vandalism comes in the form of window or door breakage. Even when the vandals have no intentions to access your property, breakage is a common way to bring a world of pain to your doorstep. 

ServiceMaster  of Colorado Springs qualified experts take a thorough look at your property to ensure that we take all breakage damage into account. We then clean up the broken materials and repair your window or door frames in a timely manner. 

Deodorization Services

Vandals can often get creative and use foul odor-based techniques to harm your property for the long term. You can’t stay close to the property without feeling nauseous. But getting rid of the stench can be difficult to the point of being impossible. 

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we use industrial grade products and equipment to deodorize your space in an effective yet swift manner. Our solutions ensure that your property is free of the stench of stink bombs, public urination, and other foul odors.

Contents Restoration Services

If vandals break into your property and harm your belongings, it can be incredibly difficult to go through each item and restore it to its previous state. Not having the pertinent equipment at hand only makes this more challenging. 

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we ensure to use our detailed processes to go through each and every item within your property to assess the overall damage. We then start our contents restoration process to make your belongings good as new again.

Graffiti Cleaning and Restoration

Due to the level of detail and overall efficiency that we bring to the table, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs graffiti cleaning and restoration services are renowned for their quality treatment in our service areas. 

Our process for graffiti removal and restoration follows a detailed protocol, ensuring that all grotesque attempts to harm your residential or commercial property go in vain. Despite being highly accurate, the process is completed swiftly due to our team’s experience and expertise. 

To help you understand what kind of steps are involved, our graffiti cleaning and restoration process looks like a typical job.

  • Assessment. We perform a thorough evaluation of the damage and determine the materials that the vandals used on your walls, windows, or doors. This assessment lets us select the right products and equipment for efficient cleanup and restoration.
  • Removal. We utilize our specialized products and equipment to remove the graffiti. Apart from using manual efforts, we also use devices such as power washers to ensure that no trace of the graffiti is left behind.
  • Restoration. We make sure to go through extensive processes to restore the condition of your wall, windows, and doors. From repainting your fixtures to giving them the required finish, we ensure to provide a holistic solution until the last step.

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Despite offering highly specific services that are bound to provide you with the required results, our vandalism cleanup in Colorado Springs comes at highly affordable prices. This service quality ensures that all types of property owners can access our solutions and don’t have to put up with unwarranted vandalism longer than they have to. 

Learn how our solutions can help by contacting us for a free inspection today. We will be pleased to visit your premises and help you get rid of vandalism signs in no time.