Smoke Recovery Services

Smoke Recovery Services in Colorado Springs

Whether your property meets with a significant fire incident or a small fire hazard, such a situation can leave lasting harm in the form of smoke damage. While it may seem like nothing at first glance, smoke damage can unleash its distressing effects quite quickly.

Due to its distinct appearance and unmistakable smell, you can notice smoke damage on surfaces, furnishings, and other infrastructure right away. Apart from causing your home or office to look charred, smoke damage is also enormously harmful to your health. 

Fortunately, you can easily say goodbye to smoke damage by turning to ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs smoke recovery services in Colorado Springs. 

Through the help of our certified technicians who hold specialized training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), you can ensure that dealing with otherwise hard to remove smoke damage is no more complicated than a walk in the park.

With over twenty years of experience providing smoke recovery solutions, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs can ensure that you can find a timely and permanent resolution to this frustrating problem. 

If you need to restore your home or office to its former looks while ensuring everyone’s health and well being our 24/7 smoke recovery solutions are just a call away.

What Is Considered Smoke Damage?

As the byproducts and toxic gases emitted by fire are released into the air, they take the form of smoke. Coupled with a fire’s heat, this smoke can immediately affect any nearby surface with dark stains and a burnt smell. Even as the fire dies out, it leaves the smoke damage behind.

While the visible dark stains of smoke damage are brought on by soot, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Comprising hundreds of harmful particles, leftover smoke damage consistently releases toxic elements into the air. Over time exposure to these particles can lead to various health problems that include but are not limited to respiratory issues, skin problems, and cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from affecting your aesthetic and health, smoke damage can also be highly harmful to your building’s structure, fixtures, and furniture. With its acidic properties, smoke can corrode metal and plastics, while its absorbent particles can damage the upholstery in your furnishings and curtains.

Keeping all of these factors in mind is critical to mitigating smoke damage as soon as you notice it on your property.

Can Smoke Damage Be Fixed?

Fortunately, smoke damage can be fixed and resolved on a permanent basis. However, since removing smoke stains and their related toxins is not easy, it requires certified professionals’ help and expertise. 

Our highly qualified experts at ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs are well-versed in mitigating and resolving challenging smoke damage situations with the utmost ease. With our extensive experience, targeted processes, and industrial-grade equipment, you can protect your property without having to do any heavy lifting yourself. 

Using purpose-built tools and specialized products, our team makes sure that we can remove the toughest of smoke stains and odor without damaging your property. Whether the smoke damage is visible on your wall or your floor, over your furniture, or against your carpet, our smoke recovery services in Colorado Springs can help you get rid of its stains and stench. 

While our solutions never compromise on quality, they come with the added promise of affordability. This quality stems from our commitment to serving as many customers as possible, which encourages us to price our smoke recovery solutions easily. This ensures that our services can benefit residential and commercial properties of all scales.

Contact The Smoke Recovery Experts In Colorado Springs

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, our 24/7 services ensure that we can deliver our smoke damage solutions to you on a single call, no matter the time of day. This cuts back the recovery time that you have to endure after experiencing a fire incident at your property. 

Seeing the extensive harm that smoke damage brings to a property, its fixtures, and its inhabitants, we also ensure to complete our recovery process as soon as possible. This makes sure that we can mitigate the damage before it causes irreversible loss to you or your loved ones. 

Throughout the process, we also keep you updated on its progress. This ensures that you can be aware of exactly where the project stands and how soon you can expect your property to retain its former state.

To see how our smoke recovery solutions can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection today. We will be glad to understand your concerns and help you benefit from our services as soon as possible.