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Hoarding Cleanup

ServiceMaster has teamed up with Matt Paxton, hoarding expert.
Hoarding Cleanup - Colorado Springs, CO
Residential Hoarding - Before & After - Colorado Springs, CO
Hoarding Cleanup process includes:
  • Free Onsite Inspection
  • Clutter Cleaning Specialists
  • Complete Trash Outs
  • Tailored Cleaning Service for Your Particular Needs
  • Recovery of Documents, Sentimental Items, Valuables
  • Delivery of Storage Bins and Filing Boxes
  • Packaging/Transport/Storage of Items
  • Biohazard Cleaning Including Animal/Human Waste
  • Rolloff Containers from 3-40 yards
  • Recovery/Disposal of Medications and Sharps
  • Appliance Recycling
  • Donation of Items to Charity of Your Choice
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Deep Cleaning after Trash/Clutter Removed
We understand the amount of detail that goes into cleaning up after a hoarder. There could be hundreds if not thousands of items to search through. We also know how difficult it can be for a family to go through which is why we organize important items and toss hazardous materials for you. Hoarding cleanup can be a tedious task. Don't handle it yourself. Call ServiceMaster today and see how we can help with your hoarder cleanup needs.

Trauma & Biohazard Cleanup

ServiceMaster strives to provide services in all areas of disaster restoration and cleaning. We understand that many of these services can be burdensome to most individuals which is why we proudly have taken care of it for the Front Range community for over 40 years.
One unique service offering is trauma and bio hazard cleanups. These specialized services include biohazard and blood-borne pathogen cleanups, law enforcement vehicle cleaning and sanitization, and crime scene cleanups. These type of cleaning services should be left to the professionals at ServiceMaster. Our experts have received special training in preparation and equipment used for this unique cleaning service offered. We will restore, remove and or dispose of all contaminated content and structural materials in these cases.
Often these jobs are of a highly sensitive and confidential in nature. Our staff is trained to provide appropriate assistance to their clients in their period of distress.
Examples of this unique service:
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Law Enforcement Vehicle Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Undetected Death Scene Cleanup
  • Suicide Cleanup and Sanitizing
  • Biohazard Spills or Leakage

Vandalism Cleanup

If your property has been vandalized, call us ASAP. Here are some ways to minimize damage effects:
  • Wash any egg or other residue from the building exterior.
  • Remove any debris or food from carpets or interior walls. Scrape or blot carpets and furniture–do not rub.
  • Vacuum glass particles from carpet and upholstery. Do not walk barefoot in the area of glass residue.
  • Save any information about the type of liquid that was spread over surfaces.
  • Make a list of all damage.
Important warnings on damage resulting from vandalism:
  • Do not attempt to remove chemical stains such as ink or paint.
  • Do not operate damaged electrical appliances.
  • Do not throw away damaged wood chips or other small articles. They might be helpful for repair.
  • Do not use household cleaning products on fabrics, upholstery, or carpet without consulting your professional cleaner.
The act of vandalism is serious and it is especially serious if it is done to your home or business. We understand how dramatic an act like this can be, which is why we have a professionally trained staff to get your vandalism cleanup completely in as little time as possible. Our ServiceMaster team of experts will take care or your cleanup needs 24/7/365.