5 Telltale Signs Your Water Cleanup Colorado Springs Company Isn’t Cutting It

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ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs has been serving El Paso County for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve been called in many times to fix projects where the customer says, “The first contractor didn’t do a good job.” Unfortunately, we see this happen often with Colorado Springs water clean up contractors that cut corners and simply don’t have the years of experience behind them. 

At Service Master of Colorado Springs, our goal is to protect your home from damage. That’s why we created this short guide to highlight four red flags that water clean up Colorado Springs companies might show. If you notice your water cleanup contractor making any of these mistakes, call out the mistake and consider finding a new contractor. Otherwise, you might risk permanent damage to your home and health.

1.The Contractor Delays Service

Colorado Springs is no stranger to natural disasters. We deal with fire, hail, snowstorms and even tornadoes. When damage happens, restoration companies are stretched thin responding to the increased number of calls. However, all of these disasters require immediate attention. The same is true for water damage. 

If you call for water cleanup in Colorado Springs and they tell you they can be out in 3-4 days, it’s best to try another company. Mold will begin to grow within 24-48 hours, and you cannot afford to let a hazardous mold infestation get out of control. Leaving standing water can also lead to structural problems down the road.

2.The Contractor Has No Plan

Contractors should clearly tell you their plan of attack for repairing water damage. At the very least, you’ll feel much more relaxed knowing that the contractor has the situation under control. A professional renovation requires many steps, and doing these steps incorrectly could lead to delays or even lasting damage to your property. 

Make sure you have water clean up contractors walk you through their plan before beginning work.

3.The Contractor Only Fixes The Problem You Called Them About

Of course, all good contractors will provide a solution to your problem. But who is the expert here? It’s the contractor. They should make sure they’ve repaired invisible problems that most homeowners don’t notice. The worst water damage is often unseen as water will seep under floorboards and behind drywall. Cluttered basements often hide leaks and drainage issues. Cardboard boxes soak up water, which then destroys your valuable possessions and family heirlooms. A good contractor will search your house thoroughly and sniff out any secondary water damage. 

4.The Contractor Offers to Do Secondary Projects Outside Their Area of Expertise

Some water clean up companies are excellent at water restoration but not very good at construction or installing new hardware. As a customer, you need to do your due diligence on every type of work the contractor claims to do. You should read online reviews and talk to friends and family in Colorado Springs who have used the contractor before allowing anyone to add extra projects to the estimate. Even if you’re offered a great bundled deal, be wary. Make sure you’re getting top-quality service for every step in the water clean up process.

5.The Contractor Doesn’t Provide Referrals

Depending on the extent of the water damage, your home might need the expertise of other local professionals. Flooding and water damage can lead to electrical and structural issues. Water can short fuses and rot wooden support beams.

If a contractor is not able to provide specific referrals, they should firmly recommend that you find an electrical or construction company on your own. 

Whether your property is struck by a natural disaster or a man-made incident, our technicians can help you repair water damage and restore your home to its previous state. Through our industrial-grade products and commercial equipment, we can also help you clean up any damage to your site or belongings promptly.

The ServiceMaster Restore team strictly complies with all guidelines from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This ensures that we deliver optimal restoration services with complete regard to health and safety standards.

If you need water clean up services in Colorado Springs, call us today at 719-633-9555.

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