Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Services After Flooding 

water on tile floor for home that needs water damage restoration services

What Colorado Springs Residents Need to Know

Currently, one third of Colorado is experiencing severe drought conditions. The driest areas are in the south of the state, and since June, the drought has spread into Colorado Springs and El Paso County. But drought isn’t the only concern. Did you know that droughts can greatly increase the chance for flooding, causing an unexpected need for water damage restoration services?

Water Damage Restoration Services Not Just for Cities on the Water

If you’ve lived in Colorado Springs for any period of time, you’ve likely heard emergency flood alerts pinging during heavy rainstorms. In fact, Coloradosprings.gov says, “Flash flooding is the most common natural hazard in Colorado Springs.” This means flash floods are more common than tornadoes or blizzards. 

You might even remember the floods in 2013 that raged through neighboring Manitou Springs. The Gazette calls it “the city’s worst disaster in decades.” 

The report continues: “The force of the four-foot wall of water, mud and debris that roared off the Waldo Canyon burn scar could be measured in the mess revealed at dawn Saturday – 6 houses destroyed; 11 houses seriously damaged; 23 buildings with cosmetic damage; 40 cars towed off Manitou Springs streets and more off U.S. 24; broken gas, sewer and water lines, and at least 20 businesses that had to shut down at least temporarily.”

Floods like these cause millions in property damage and threaten human life.

Is your Colorado Springs home at risk for flooding?

Is your home or business at risk from a flash flood? Any building near a creek, stream, or river has the potential to be damaged by flooding. However, the most vulnerable areas run along highway 24 and the foothills from Old Colorado City past Garden of the Gods. 

If you’d like more details on flood zones, you can use this map developed by the city of Colorado Springs.

Why does a drought increase the chances of flooding?

You might think that if there’s a drought, the ground should absorb more water and thus reduce flooding. However, the opposite is true. Drought actually hardens the soil. This makes it more difficult for water to absorb into the ground, and because Colorado is prone to heavy, intense rainstorms, the entire downpour runs off the land toward your home. 

Drought also makes fires much more likely, which leads to more flooding. Vegetation is a natural flood-fighter.

Trees and bushes (especially their root systems) absorb and divert heavy rains from massing in one place. But when fires burn down the vegetation, water damage restoration services are often needed as a result of the flooding water that has no barrier to flow. 

What can you do if your home floods?

The first thing you want to do if your Colorado Springs home floods are to call a water damage restoration company.

Make sure that you address the water damage first before you address any cosmetic construction issues. It’s understandable that you want to get your home looking the way it was before the flooding, but failure to completely dry your home can lead to serious property damage and even mold. 

Remember that water removal and water damage restoration are not the same services. Just because you don’t see water on your floor doesn’t mean there isn’t water behind walls or in your vents. You must find expert drying and dehumidification services that use a combination of dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers to remove moisture from the air. Otherwise, your family could suffer serious health issues caused by mold and mildew.

Then your home will require not only water damage restoration but mold remediation services, which is a much more complex issue.  

ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs provides all of these services and more. We’ve been serving the community residents and businesses for over 40 years, and  we use our deep knowledge of Colorado geography to restore your building after a damaging flood.

Need water damage restoration services near Colorado Springs and surrounding areas? Call us today.

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