Winterization Tips

Water Damage Restoration

To prevent water and mold damage!

For all structures:water damage restoration

  • Keep thermostat at 60 degrees or above.
  • Disconnect garden hoses from spigots and cover spigots.
  • Drain and blow-out sprinkler system.
  • Cover and drain swamp coolers.
  • Remove window mounted fan units so windows can be closed.
  • Clear gutters and downspouts to insure positive drainage away from structure.
  • Have the furnace serviced annually.

During extremely cold nights:

  • Set thermostat to 65 degrees or above.
  • Open doors on cabinets where plumbing is on exterior walls of house.
  • Drip Faucets.

During vacations or for unoccupied building:

  • Winterize toilets and sink drains with household antifreeze.
  • Turn off main water valve.
  • Have someone check the inside and outside of the structure at least every three days.

Water damage restoration services from ServiceMaster is something we specialize in. We understand the ins and outs of water restoration, so much so we want you to have the helpful tips you need for preventative water damage issues. It is important to take care of winterizing your home before the cool air hits and it becomes too late. Don’t let lack of knowledge hurt you and contact us today for more information.