Mold Facts and Fables

Mold Remediation Colorado Springs

Don’t be fooled by mold scare tactics!

mold removal colorado springsWe hear a lot about mold these days, the dangers and the risks. Below are some truths behind what you might be hearing about mold.


Fable: “Black Mold” is very harmful

Fact: Some mold is black or dark green, but scientifically, there’s no such thing a “Black Mold” and you should run from anyone who uses that term, as it is only a scare tactic and/or they really don’t know what they’re talking about. The “Black Mold” that made the news in the 90’s that is harmful is Stachybotrys Chartarum.


Fable: “Toxic Mold” is the worst kind

Fact: While some molds can release ‘mycotoxins’, there is very little chance and the mold spores must be airborne. Again, run from anyone using the term.


Fable: Visible mold is dangerous.

Fact: While any visible mold should be professionally remediated, only when mold is touched and mold spores are air borne, is there any risk of health problems. Remember: Airborne mold it the dangerous mold.


Fable: Mold causes health problems

Fact: There is no credible evidence to suggest that environmental exposure to mold damages the immune and respiratory systems. Allergic responses to inhaling mold, are much more likely to be caused by outdoor molds than indoor molds and conditions typically develop only after a high-dose or extreme exposure.


Fable: All mold contaminated materials must be removed.

Fact: This used to be the case, but with new mold mitigating systems we are able to reduce and sometimes eliminate the removal or mold affected materials. Visit our mold mitigation  page to learn more information on this process.

mold remediation colorado springs


Fable: Air tests need to be taking and sent to a lab for processing.

Fact: Instascope, provided by ServiceMaster on El Paso St. can provide an instant air test at your home. Visit our mold testing page for more information.


Fable: Its important to know what type of mold your dealing with.

Fact: All mold is remediated using the same process, so knowing the type of mold is not necessary.


Fable: HEPA Air Filtration Systems are required to clean the air of mold.

Fact: Recent, new technologies, have become available that out rank the quality of HEPA Air Filtration Systems. ServiceMaster on El Paso St. offers a fogging system, that cleans all the air in your home of mold spores.


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