board up servicesBoard Up Services

If you have windows/doors or roof issues as a result of a disaster, we can provide emergency board up services to secure the structure. In the event of a disaster we know how to respond. Our phones are on 24-7 and we will be on site in 2-4 hours to perform emergency services.

Board up services are typically used for severe wind problems, hurricanes, vacant properties and also used as a preventative measure. While we don’t have hurricanes in Colorado, the other reasons are likely and should be attended to as soon as possible. Board ups can help protect your property and your assets. Our ServiceMaster professionals are trained to help with any area of restoration or cleaning needs. Board up services are no exception. We will have a team of experts at your home within a few hours, so your home will be protected.

Don’t let the stress of a blown window(s) get you down. We know how to handle any restoration situation and are prepared to get your needs completed fast and efficiently. If your home or building has been damaged by a fire, flood, natural disaster or random act of vandalism, our board up services can help. Call us today for more information.